Soundland" is a Romanian EDM project, based in Bucharest. 
The onset of the project took place in 2015, the first single, "Atat De Usor" featuring Alexandra Ungureanu, managed to reach the top 10 most played songs on radio and TV. In the fall of 2015, Soundland released "Facedown" a spectacular collaboration alongside the German-American DJ Markus Schulz, enjoying an international success.The project addresses a mix of musical genres among which is found: deep-house, future bass, dance, trance, electro-pop and pop.



 RIAA certified Gold and Platinum Producer/ Songwriter based out of Texas. R&b, Hip Hop, Pop. Also specializing in audio recording and engineering. AND DJing at clubs and events. qb is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with hits on top of hits thats the motto



Slava Makarkin - music producer, engineer, mixer, and writerwho currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He moved to United States from Kiev, Ukraine in 2007.Slava started his music journey at the age of eight, when he entered the music school for piano studies. At 15, after finishing the music school he began working with local bands as a keyboardist, arranger and song-writer. 


Trevor kristo/(trippy socrates) 

Trevor Kristo (trippy socrates) is a music producer/Ceo of partnered events company jackit in entertainment his love for events goes beyond belief when entertaining the masses when it comes to concerts, fashion shows, charity benefits its safe to say Trevor is very tenacious with getting it done

really doe

Really Doe, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter,[1] signed with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label in 2005. He became one-third of the group The Go Getters, formed by Kanye West and label mate GLC.

Really Doe made a guest appearance on Kanye West's “We Major” (featuring Nas) and Consequence’s “Disperse” (Featuring GLC.)

Really Doe signed with Cartel Records in 2009. Working with music producer Griffin Guess, he composed the single “Plastic”, featuring Kanye West available on iTunes. He performed the song with Kanye West at Fader Magazine’s FORT in Austin Texas.[2]

Really Doe’s first album, “First Impressions”, released on August 18, 2009, addresses a litany of topics that range from personal struggles of growing up in Chicago, to the current political landscape and all that falls in between. Kanye West and up and coming producer Jaye Jeffers are featured on the album. Really Doe undertook a multi-city tour with Latin hip-hop duo, Wisin Y Yandel, in California and Texas. Really Doe has also had write-ups in XXL as well as GIANT Magazine. Really Doe took to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage in January 2010, and followed that with a performance on The Mo'Nique Show in that same month.


triple heat consists ofCecy Santana (The FIRE)Cecy Santana’s favorite thing to do "is singing in the shower with the lights off."And there is where she gets inspired to write new songs. Cecy’s ultimate goal is to inspire others by writing songs that people can relate to because they are all based on true life experiences. She is happily married to the music and music is all she knows.

(The FEVER) has always been passionate about music and dancing. When she hears music, she envisions performance. Amy also loves fashion and creating her own unique style. Clothes and fashion are her way of expressing herself along with performing on stage.

 She marches to the beat of her own drum and wants to inspire other people to do the same! With ambition and excitement, Amy is honored to be a part of Triple Heat. Mary Loz’s

favorite thing to do is dancing, whether it's Hip Hip, Reggaeton, Pop, EDM or Salsa. Originally from Mexico, she loves movement and dance so much that she makes it her daily cardio.

Her dance influences are: JLo, Beyonce, Becky G, Chris Brown and Cardi B 

 She also loves intensive Zumba class. Mary is passionate about enhancing

everyone's style and glamour and is amazing at it!