Slava Makarkin - music producer, engineer, mixer, and writerwho currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He moved to United States from Kiev, Ukraine in 2007.Slava started his music journey at the age of eight, when he entered the music school for piano studies. At 15, after finishing the music school he began working with local bands as a keyboardist, arranger and song-writer. 



Soundland" is a Romanian EDM project, based in Bucharest. 
The onset of the project took place in 2015, the first single, "Atat De Usor" featuring Alexandra Ungureanu, managed to reach the top 10 most played songs on radio and TV. In the fall of 2015, Soundland released "Facedown" a spectacular collaboration alongside the German-American DJ Markus Schulz, enjoying an international success.The project addresses a mix of musical genres among which is found: deep-house, future bass, dance, trance, electro-pop and pop.



 RIAA certified Gold and Platinum Producer/ Songwriter based out of Texas. R&b, Hip Hop, Pop. Also specializing in audio recording and engineering. AND DJing at clubs and events. qb is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with hits on top of hits thats the motto



fif element

William Lockhart, born in , Illinois is known amongst his peers for creating inspiring & futuristic beats.

His beats have a spacey and airy vibe to them that leave many captivated. The rhythm of his beats coupled with lyrics take you on a journey in the world of pop and hip hop.

William fell in love with music at a very young age at church. He developed a love for instruments at the age of one with the tambourine. By the time William was four he played the drums for the Jr choir at his Great grandfather’s church. Throughout his childhood, his love for instruments continued and he began playing the piano at 12. Soon after, William became the lead drummer at his church by 13.

Even though William fell in love with music at a young age, he was unaware of his talent for creating music until his gift was recognized by his friends.

Since then William has shared his musical concepts with others and began making beats at the age of 16.

William Lockhart will soon take the music industry by storm with his soulful sounds. His plans are to collaborate with fellow artists, record companies and songwriters that will garner commercial success. Williams journey and passion for creating music will soon touch and inspire many lives.



Jacob “JJ Fiction” Leone was born in the Chicago land area in 1995. His story began unlike any other artist, with a boom box and a glorious song. As out of fashion as it may seem, “Slow Motion” by Juvenile inspired the young artist to truly appreciate you’re the industry. It was quite uncanny for him to be so in love with the urban rhythmic sound being that the genre is predominantly… boppy. JJ began his musical journey through the lyrical essence of poetry. After his teachers began to notice his ability, as a sheer wordsmith he was quickly placed in the gifted program. He felt he identified better with… the struggle, therefore, his writing became highly prolific and deep. The more he wrote, the more he gained notoriety. He began entering in talent, shows auditioning for plays and was even given a lead role at 12 years of age.

Now opening up for several major acts, and traveling around the country Jj Fiction is developing with a zeal that most artist have to practice in order to attain.



Originally born in Bulgaria, Diana Jadè and Sonya Membrenio came to the United States seeking musical growth and opportunities. This power pop Duo grew up listening to and inspired by the amazing music of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, the Bee Gees and more. The sounds of those music giants started a passion for rhythm and harmonies that goes deep in their bones. In pursuit of musical development Diana and Sonya teamed up with award-winning singer-songwriter TeamJohnHill and created the sound of The J Girlz. Today the girls have toured more than 15 states performing their original music and covers, leaving concert goers with huge smiles on their faces and goosebumps all over! Diana's smokey soulful alto voice and Sonya's soaring dainty soprano are the perfect combination! Adding their sexy mysterious appearance and a fiery high energy performance to the equation, the J Girlz deliver! They lite stages and raise roofs all over the Chicagoland and the nation. Whether it comes to pop, rock or soul music The J Girlz will make your heart celebrate! They are currently pending several music deals and in the process of recording their first music album while always on the on the lookout for the next sure thing to hit their culture. Ready or not World, THE JGIrLZ are coming!


j-cuppz(joshua jacobs) was born in chicago il

growing up he was influenced by the likes of 50 cent, lil wayne, nas,kid cudi just to name a few

he served in the us marines and cultivated his disciplined sound bringing joy wherever he is j has

Opened for major acts: Big Sean, MGK, tec-9, yo gotti stat quo, g herbo, hypno carlito, mimo600, johnny May Cash, Zaystone, Chopsquad.

his First performance at: 6 yrs old was for 1500 people,& 1st for major act: yo gotti tour, 16

j-cuppz Uses his experiences to provide empowerment, positive energy and inspiration to all crowds of individuality, aiming primarily at youth.

he currently has Been keeping a slightly more lowkey profile, spending 16 years perfecting his craft. Catching the attention of  and signing with high profile people in the music industry.